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About The INS Imphal


Recently, INS (Indian Naval Ship) Imphal (Pennant D68) has been commissioned into the Indian Navy.


GS III: Security Challenges

Dimensions of the Article:

  1. INS Imphal: A Technologically Advanced Guided Missile Destroyer
  2. Project 15B: Advancing India’s Destroyer Capabilities

INS Imphal: A Technologically Advanced Guided Missile Destroyer

  • INS Imphal is the third vessel in the ‘Project 15 Bravo Vishakhapatnam class’ guided missile destroyers, showcasing advanced naval capabilities.
Launch and Naming:
  • Launched and christened as ‘Imphal’ on April 20, 2019, INS Imphal stands as a testament to India’s naval prowess.
Technical Specifications:
  • Length: 163m, Breadth: 17m, Displacement: 7,400 tonnes.
  • Propulsion: Powered by four Gas Turbines in a Combined Gas and Gas configuration, achieving speeds exceeding 30 knots.
  • Armament: Capable of launching the BrahMos cruise missile, world’s fastest supersonic cruise missile.
  • Warfare Capabilities: Equipped for Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical warfare conditions.
Weaponry and Sensors:
  • Sophisticated arsenal includes Surface-to-Surface Missiles, Surface-to-Air Missiles, Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) rocket launchers, Torpedo launchers, ASW helicopters, radars, sonar, and Electronic Warfare systems.
Strategic Significance:
  • Strengthens India’s maritime influence in the Indo-Pacific region.
  • Upholds the principle of “Jalmev Yasya, Balmev Tasya,” emphasizing the power derived from controlling the seas.
  • Critical in securing sea lanes, ensuring safe passage for trade vessels, and safeguarding India’s economic interests, particularly in the face of geographical barriers and regional challenges.

Project 15B: Advancing India’s Destroyer Capabilities

  • Initiated as an indigenous Destroyer construction program in the late 1990s.
  • Followed by Delhi class (P-15) and Kolkata class (P-15A) destroyers, leading to the current Project 15B (Visakhapatnam Class).
Scope and Planning:
  • Project 15B involves the construction of four advanced destroyers: Visakhapatnam, Mormugao, Imphal, and Surat.
  • Success and technological advancements from Project 15A laid the foundation for Project 15B.
  • Aims to build advanced variants of the Kolkata class destroyers, now known as Visakhapatnam class.
  • Contract signed in January 2011 to enhance capabilities, incorporating technological advancements, and improving weaponry, electronics, and other systems.
Lead Ship:
  • INS Visakhapatnam (Pennant No D66) is the lead ship commissioned in November 2021, showcasing the project’s progress.
Successive Ships:
  • INS Mormugao (D67) commissioned in December 2022.
  • INS Surat (to be designated D69) launched in May 2023.
Design and Construction:
  • Designed by the Indian Navy’s Warship Design Bureau.
  • Constructed by Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited (MDSL) in Mumbai.
Technological Advancements:
  • Incorporates improvements in weaponry, electronics, and overall systems, building on the capabilities of earlier destroyer classes.
Strategic Significance:
  • Strengthens India’s naval capabilities and underscores the nation’s commitment to indigenous defense production.

-Source: Indian Express


February 2024