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About the Operation Dhvast


Under Operation Dhvast, National Investigation Agency (NIA) recently arrested three in multi-state raids.


Facts for Prelims

About ‘Operation Dhvast’:

  • ‘Operation Dhvast’ refers to a massive crackdown conducted by the National Investigation Agency (NIA), Punjab Police, and Haryana Police.
  • The operation involved coordinated raids at 324 locations across various states, including Punjab, Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan.
  • The raids were carried out simultaneously and lasted for an entire day.

Arrests and Cases:

  • As a result of ‘Operation Dhvast’, the NIA has made three arrests in connection with three separate cases.
  • These cases are related to the nexus among terrorists, gangsters, and drug dealers.
  • The investigation has uncovered links between this nexus and activities such as targeted killings, extortion, and terror funding of pro-Khalistan outfits.
  • The earnings from illegal activities like drug and weapon smuggling have been identified as sources of funding for these activities.

Jail Conspiracies and International Network:

  • The NIA’s investigations have revealed that conspiracies were being plotted in prisons located in different states.
  • These conspiracies were executed by a well-organized network of operatives based abroad.
  • The nexus between terrorists, gangsters, and drug dealers involved international connections and coordination.

-Source: Times of India

March 2024