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About The Purana Qila


A recent round of excavations at the site of Delhi’s Purana Qila or Old Fort has uncovered evidence of the continuous history of the city since the pre-Mauryan era.


GS I: History

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Purana Qila

Location and Historical Significance:
  • Purana Qila is situated in the southeastern part of present-day New Delhi.
  • It is one of the oldest forts in Delhi and was constructed on the banks of the Yamuna River.
  • The construction of the current citadel began during the reign of Humayun and was completed by Sher Shah Suri, also known as “The Lion King.”
  • The design of the Qila was inspired by the Jama Masjid, which was established 15 years prior to the reconstruction of the fort.


  • Purana Qila has a rectangular shape and covers an area of 1.5 kilometers.
  • A notable feature of the fort is its three gates, showcasing a harmonious blend of Hindu and Muslim architectural styles:
    • Bara Darwaza or the Big Gate, facing west.
    • Humayun Gate, facing south.
    • Talaqqi Gate, often referred to as the forbidden gate.
  • All the gates are two-storeyed and have large semi-circular bastions on either side.
  • The bastions are evenly spaced, except on the westward wall, where they are placed 73 meters apart.
  • The eastern and western walls of the fort are the tallest and were designed to protect the kings residing within.
  • The walls surrounding the fort are 0.33 meters thick and supported by bastions.

Source: The Hindu

December 2023