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About The Sahyadri Tiger Reserve (STR)


Report of the Sahyadri Tiger Reserve (STR) water hole census has been released recently, and a total of 374 animals from 18 wild species of animals and birds were recorded.


GS III: Environment and Ecology

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  1. About Sahyadri Tiger Reserve (STR):
  2. Flora and Fauna

About Sahyadri Tiger Reserve (STR):

  • Location: Situated in the Sahyadri Ranges of the Western Ghats in Maharashtra, India.
  • Combination: It encompasses the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary and the Chandoli National Park, located in the southern part of Maharashtra.
  • Geographic Features: The reserve encompasses the region around the Koyna Dam, Warna River, and various small rivers and streams originating from the Western Ghats and flowing eastward.
  • Vegetation: The reserve consists of evergreen, semi-evergreen, and moist deciduous forests.
  • Habitat: The habitat within Sahyadri Tiger Reserve includes woodlands, grasslands, and plateaus, locally known as “Sadaa.” The plateaus are lateritic in nature and possess significant habitat value.

Flora and Fauna

  • The reserve is abundant in fodder species like karvi, bamboo, and kumbal, as well as fruit species such as Zizyphus rugosa, Ficus racemosa, Sideroxylon tomentasa, Ficus arnottiana, Acacia concinna, Terminalia chebula, Terminalia bellerica, Vangueria spinosa, Emblica officinalis, and Carissa conjesta.
  • Endangered Carnivores: Sahyadri Tiger Reserve is home to endangered top carnivores like Tigers, Wild Dogs, and Leopards.
  • Herbivores: The reserve is inhabited by herbivores such as Gaurs, Sambars, Four Horned Antelopes, Mouse Deer, and Giant Squirrels.
  • Notable Species: The area has documented species like the Atlas Moth, Moon Moth, and several endangered butterflies. The Indian long-billed Vulture has also been observed in the crest line of the reserve.

-Source: The Hindu


December 2023