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Bharat Ratna To Karpoori Thakur


Karpoori Thakur, a prominent Gandhian socialist leader and former Bihar chief minister will be awarded the ‘Bharat Ratna’ posthumously. 


Facts for Prelims

About Bharat Ratna:

  • Highest Civilian Award: Bharat Ratna, instituted in 1954, stands as the highest civilian award in India.
  • Inclusive Criteria: The award is open to any individual without distinction of race, occupation, position, or gender. While predominantly awarded to India-born citizens, exceptions include the naturalized citizen Mother Teresa and non-Indians such as Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan and Nelson Mandela.
Special Considerations:
  • Posthumous Awards: Originally, posthumous awards were not permitted, but the statutes were amended in 1955 to allow them. Lal Bahadur Shastri became the first posthumous recipient.
Recognition Criteria:
  • Exceptional Service: Conferred in recognition of exceptional service or performance of the highest order across any field of human endeavor.
Nomination Process:
  • Prime Minister’s Recommendation: The Prime Minister recommends the awardees to the President, and no formal recommendations are required.
  • Annual Cap: The number of awards is capped at a maximum of three per year.
Award Components:
  • Recognition: Recipients receive a Sanad (certificate) signed by the President and a medallion. However, the award does not carry any monetary grant.

February 2024