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BRO Achieves Breakthrough in Crucial Tunnel Work


A highly skilled and motivated team of engineers from the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) has achieved a significant milestone in the ongoing Project Sampark on National Highway 144A (NH144A) from Akhnoor to Poonch.


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Dimensions of the article:

  1. More on the achievement
  2. About BRO
  3. About Project Sampark

More on the achievement

  • According to a statement from Lt-Col Suneel Bartwal, the Defence spokesman based in Jammu, the team has successfully completed the breakthrough for the first of four tunnels, known as the Kandi Tunnel, which spans 260 meters. This engineering achievement is highly commendable.
  • Once the critical tunnel is finished, it will significantly improve the strategic connectivity for the Armed Forces, facilitating more efficient and expedited transportation from Jammu to Poonch for travelers.
  • The fact that this breakthrough occurred ahead of schedule underscores the exceptional expertise and determination of the BRO. Brigadier Tejpal Singh, the Chief Engineer of Project Sampark, was present to witness this historic moment.
  • Despite facing adverse weather conditions, including heavy rainfall and landslides along the entire road stretch, the tunnel work, which began in March 2023, has seen remarkable progress.

About BRO:

  • The Border Roads Organisation (BRO) is responsible for the construction and maintenance of road networks in India’s border regions and neighboring friendly nations. Currently, the BRO is active in twenty-one states, one union territory (Andaman and Nicobar Islands), as well as in neighboring countries like Afghanistan, Bhutan, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka.
  • One of the ongoing projects of the BRO is the construction of a tunnel at the Rohtang Pass, which is anticipated to be completed by 2019. The BRO operates through 18 distinct Projects, namely Arunank, Beacon, Brahmank, Chetak, Deepak, Dantak, Himank, Hirak, Pushpak, Sampark, Setuk, Sewak, Shivalik, Swastik, Udayak, Vartak, Vijayak, and Sela Tunnel.
  • Its operational reach extends across various regions within India, as well as in Bhutan, Myanmar, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan. Established on May 7, 1960, the BRO was created with the primary objectives of safeguarding India’s borders and developing infrastructure in remote and challenging areas of the northern and northeastern parts of the country.
  • The BRO comprises the Border Roads Wing, which operates under the Ministry of Defense, and the General Reserve Engineer Force (GREF). Officers within the BRO are selected through the Indian Engineering Services (IES) Examination, conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

About Project Sampark:

The Project Sampark, initiated by the Border Roads Organisation (BRO) in 1975, is responsible for the construction, enhancement, and upkeep of around 2,600 kilometers of vital roadways in the border regions of Jammu, Kathua, Doda, Udhampur, Rajouri, Reasi, and Poonch.

-Source: Daily Pioneer

December 2023