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Current Affairs 05 March 2022


  1. Monetary Policy Committee
  2. Kavach
  3. General consent for the CBI


Monetary Policy Committee


A dissident member of the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI’s) Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) has said that the central bank’s accommodative policy stance “carries with it the risk of falling behind the curve in future because the stance limits the MPC’s freedom of action in ensuing meetings”.

  • The MPC fixes the benchmark interest rate — or the base or reference rate that is used to set other interest rates — in India.
  • An accommodative stance indicates a willingness on the part of the central bank to expand money supply and cut interest rates.

GS III- Indian Economy

Dimensions of the Article:
  1. About Monetary Policy Committee (MPC)
  2. Objectives of the MPC

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According the Budget proposal, Kavach, this indigenously developed Automatic Train Protection System showcased on South Central Railway , is earmarked for aggressive rollout on 2,000 km in 2022-23


GS III- Indian Economy (Infrastructure)

Dimensions of this article:
  1. What is Kavach? 
  2. What is the upgrade?
  3. How far is the rollout?

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General Consent for the CBI


Meghalaya has withdrawn consent to the CBI to investigate cases in the state, becoming the ninth state in the country to have taken this step.


GS II- Polity and Governance

Dimensions of the Article:
  1. What is general consent?
  2. Which states have withdrawn consent, and why?
  3. What does the withdrawal of general consent mean?
  4. Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)

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