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Current Affairs 12 March 2022


  1. Manual scavenging
  2.  Xenotransplantation
  3. When a missile misfires
  4. Current Account Deficit

Manual Scavenging


Recently, three labourers in Mumbai, allegedly hired for manual scavenging, died after inhaling toxic fumes in a septic tank. 


GS-II: Social Justice and Governance (Issues related to Poverty, Minorities, Welfare Schemes, Government Policies and Interventions)

Dimensions of the Article:
  1. Manual Scavenging in India
  2. Prevalence of Manual Scavenging in India
  3. Existing provisions regarding Manual Labour
  4. National Action Plan for elimination of Manual Scavenging

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Recently, A patient whose failing heart had been replaced with the heart of a genetically altered pig in a landmark surgery at the University of Maryland Medical Centre in Baltimore, United States, died, two months after the operation.


GS III- Science and Technology, GS II- Health

Dimensions of the Article:
  1. What is xenotransplantation?
  2. Why the heart of a pig?

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When a Missile Misfires


Recently, Pakistan said an unarmed Indian missile landed 124 km inside its territory; India acknowledged “technical malfunction led to the accidental firing of a missile”. It is extremely rare for a missile test to go so wrong that it crosses the border and changes track inadvertently.


GS II- Science and Technology

Dimensions of the Article:
  1. Do India and Pakistan have to inform each other about such tests?
  2. What kind of a missile was it?
  3. Why did Pakistan not bring it down?

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Current Account Deficit


Recently, an American financial services company Morgan Stanley has predicted that the Current Account Deficit will widen to a 10-year high of 3% of GDP in FY23.


GS III- Indian Economy (Growth and Development)

Dimensions of the Article:
  1. Details:
  2. What is the Current Account Deficit?
  3. What is Balance of Payments?

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