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Cyber Surakshit Bharat Initiative Overview


The National e-Governance Division (NeGD) recently organised the 44th Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) Deep-Dive training programme under the Cyber Surakshit Bharat Initiative.


GS II: Government policies and Interventions

Cyber Surakshit Bharat Initiative Overview

Initiative Launch

  • Spearheaded by MeitY, this initiative aims to enhance cybersecurity across Indian government sectors.
  • A collaborative effort with NeGD and major IT corporations, marking a novel public-private partnership.

Goals and Partnerships

  • Strives to raise cybercrime awareness and strengthen the expertise of CISOs and IT personnel.
  • Key IT companies like Intel and Microsoft are among the collaborators.

Operational Framework

  • Founded on three tenets: education, awareness, and enablement.
  • Features programs promoting cybersecurity significance.

Educational and Training Components

  • Workshops on best practices and cybersecurity health tool kits for threat mitigation.
  • Nationwide training for CISOs and IT staff from various governmental and defense sectors.

Specialized Training Programme

  • Deep-Dive program concentrates on educating about cyber threats and modern protective technologies.
  • Emphasizes legal understanding for policy development and crisis management in cybersecurity.

June 2024