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Dice Snake Overview


The recent study found that the dice snakes can fake their own death when being attacked by predators by putting on a theatrical display which includes oozing “mouthfuls” of blood.


GS III: Environment and Ecology

Dice Snake Overview:

  • The Dice Snake, also known as a water snake, is a nonvenomous snake belonging to the family Colubridae, subfamily Natricinae.
  • Female Dice Snakes are typically larger than males.
  • Distribution: Found across much of Eurasia, including Egypt.
  • Habitat: They inhabit areas near rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, grasslands, coastal regions, plantations, and urban areas.

Unique Behavior:

  • They employ a tactic of feigning death to evade predators, a strategy to create a diversion and escape.
  • Feigned death behavior is influenced by factors such as sex, injuries, body temperature, size, age, food presence in the stomach, female egg presence, and previous predator encounters.
  • When threatened, they emit a foul-smelling secretion from their cloaca or simulate death.
  • Threats: Facing habitat loss, pollution, road accidents, human persecution, and capture for the pet trade.

Conservation Status:

  • Listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List.

-Source: The Hindu

May 2024