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Grievances Appellate Committees


The Centre has notified the formation of three grievance appellate committees that will address users’ complaints against social media and other internet-based platforms, including being empowered to oversee and revoke content moderation-related decisions taken by these platforms.


GS II: Government Policies and Interventions

Dimensions of the Article:

  1. Composition of Three Grievances Appellate Committees (GACs)
  2. Role of Grievances Appellate Committees (GACs)

Composition of Three Grievances Appellate Committees (GACs)


  • Each GAC will have a chairperson, two whole-time members from different government entities, and retired senior executives from the industry, serving a term of three years.

First Panel:

  • Chairperson: CEO of Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre under the Ministry of Home Affairs
  • Whole-time members: Retired IPS officer Ashutosh Shukla and PNB’s former CGM and CIO Sunil Soni

Second Panel:

  • Chairperson: Joint Secretary in charge of Policy and Administration Division in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
  • Whole-time members: Retired Indian Navy Commodore Sunil Kumar Gupta and former VP of L&T Infotech Kavindra Sharma

Third Panel:

  • Chairperson: Senior Scientist at Ministry of Electronics and IT, Kavita Bhatia
  • Whole-time members: Former Traffic Service Officer of Indian Railways Sanjay Goel and former MD and CEO of IDBI Intech Krishnagiri Ragothamarao

Role of Grievances Appellate Committees (GACs)

  • Purpose: In response to criticism from civil society activists and complaints from users about being deplatformed without an adequate avenue of hearing, the government established GACs to handle appeals from users who are not satisfied with the content moderation decision made by a social media company’s grievance officer.
  • Function: GACs can seek expert assistance in dealing with appeals and will adopt an online dispute resolution mechanism for the entire appeal process. Social media companies will have to compile and report every order passed by the GACs on their websites.
  • Appeal Process: Anyone who is aggrieved by a decision made by a social media intermediary’s grievance officer can file an appeal to the GAC within 30 days. The GAC must resolve the appeal within a month of receipt.
  • Timing: The GACs’ online platform will be operational from March 1, 2023, taking into account the transition period required for social media intermediaries.

-Source: Indian Express

December 2023