Why in news?

In partnership with NITI Aayog, International Energy Agency (IEA) on 10th January, released the first in-depth review of India’s energy policies.

Details of Review of India’s energy policies

  • The report highlights the achievements of India’s energy policies and provides recommendations to support the government’s goals of promoting well-functioning energy markets and boosting the deployment of renewables.
  • IEA regularly conducts in-depth reviews of energy policies for its member and association countries.
  • This is the first review carried out for India, which has been an IEA-association country since March 2017.
  • As India builds on the remarkable growth and development of its energy sector, this in-depth review will help the Government in meeting its energy objectives by setting out a range of recommendations in each energy policy area.

What was within the report?

  • The report highlights the strong growth of renewables in India, which now accounts for almost 23% of the country’s total installed capacity.
  • The review of India’s energy policies also found that energy efficiency improvements in India avoided 15% of additional energy demand, oil and gas imports, and air pollution as well as 300 million tonnes of CO2 emissions between 2000 and 2018.
  • India is becoming increasingly influential in global energy trends.
  • The country’s demand for energy is set to double by 2040, and its electricity demand may triple, according to the IEA report.
  • The review also strongly encourages India to institutionalise energy policy coordination across government with a national energy policy framework.
  • The report will help India to design implementation strategies to achieve secure and sustainable energy access for its citizens.
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