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Indian Telecom Operators Seek Spectrum Auction for D2M Technology


Indian telecom operators have formally requested the government to conduct an auction for the spectrum designated for direct-to-mobile (D2M) technology services.


Facts for Prelims

Direct-to-Mobile (D2M) Technology: Revolutionizing Content Delivery

Underlying Science:

  • D2M technology operates on a principle similar to FM radio, utilizing a receiver within the device to access diverse radio frequencies.

Broadband-Broadcast Fusion:

  • A cutting-edge fusion of broadband and broadcast, D2M leverages mobile phones to capture territorial digital TV signals.

Streaming without Internet Dependency:

  • D2M facilitates the direct streaming of multimedia content, including live TV matches, to mobile phones without relying on internet connectivity.

Versatility of D2M:

  • D2M ensures the direct and reliable delivery of emergency alerts, authentic disaster management audio content, and citizen-centric information, all without dependence on internet or cellular networks.

Benefits for Consumers:

  • Consumers benefit from reduced reliance on internet data consumption for staying informed and entertained.


  • D2M technology is still in the developmental stage.
  • A significant challenge lies in bringing various stakeholders, including telecommunications, on board to launch D2M technology on a wide scale.

-Source: Times of India

February 2024