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KhananPrahari Mobile App and CMSMS Web App

Focus: Facts for Prelims

Why in News?

The Indian Government launched KhananPrahari mobile app and Coal Mine Surveillance and Management System (CMSMS) web app to report unauthorized coal mining activities and monitor them with the help of law enforcement authorities.

KhananPrahari Mobile App and CMSMS Web App for Reporting Illegal Coal Mining

  • CMSMS app curbs illegal mining and takes transparent action using space technology as an e-governance initiative.
  • KhananPrahari is a mobile app for reporting illegal coal mining incidents through geo-tagged photos and text by any citizen from the site.
  • The state-wise details of cases reported through KhananPrahari till January 2023 are available in the annexure.

Measures to Reduce Illegal Coal Mining Operations in India

  • Concrete walls have been erected on the mouth of the abandoned mines to prevent access and illegal activities in these areas.
  • Surprise raids/checks being conducted jointly by security personnel and law and order authorities of the concerned State Government.
  • Dumping of the overburden is being done on the outcrop zones.
  • Installation of check-posts at vulnerable points.
  • Training of existing security/CISF personnel, refresher training and basic training of new recruits in security discipline for strengthening the security setup;
  • Maintaining close liaison with the State authorities.
  • Committee/task force has been constituted at different level (block level, sub-divisional level, district level, state level) in some subsidiaries of CIL to monitor different aspects of illegal mining.

December 2023