• Koodiyattam, also transliterated as Kotiyattam, is a traditional performing artform in the state of Kerala, India.
  • It is a combination of ancient Sanskrit theatre with elements of Koothu, a Tamil/ Malayalam performing art which is as old as Sangam era
  • It has a documented history of a thousand years in Kerala
  • It is traditionally performed in temple theatres known as Koothambalams
  • It is the only surviving art form that uses drama from ancient Sanskrit theatre.
  • It is officially recognised by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity
  • The main musical instruments used in Koodiyattam are mizhavu, kuzhitalam, edakka, kurumkuzhal, and sankhu.
  •  Mizhavu, the most prominent of these is a percussion instrument that is played by a person of the Ambalavas Nambiar caste, accompanied by Nangyaramma playing the kuzhithalam

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