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Why in news?

It took around nine months and some tough talking by the Supreme Court for the State government to act against the violations and illegal encroachments.

How was buildings brought down?

The use of emulsion explosives and its reduced usage at the blast sites helped in the effective demolition of the concrete buildings while containing its impact

Why was this operation done?

  • In 2006 Maradu Panchayat granted permission for the construction for five waterfront apartments overlooking the scenic canals of  Kochi backwaters.
  • But, just nine months after granting permission, the panchayat issued a notice to the builders following a directive by the  Kerala Coastal Zone Management Authority (KCZMA).
  • The government body said the site fell under the CRZ-III vulnerable category where no construction is allowed within 200 metres from the coast. Any such act will be identified and acted upon as a  violation of the Coastal Regulatory Zone (CRZ) rules.
  • It was also revealed that a directive issued by the KCZMA makes it mandatory for self-government bodies to obtain its clearance before approving constructions in coastal areas.
  • But Maradu panchayat didn’t forward any application to gain a CRZ permit for the five complexes.

What is CRZ?

  • No construction is allowed within 200 metres from the coast in areas falling under CRZ-III  zone while it is 50 metres from for CRZ-II.
March 2024