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Nagarjunasagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve


Recently, several restrictions have been imposed on visitors to the Ahobilam Temple Complex, which is located within the Nagarjunasagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve.


GS III: Environment and Ecology

Dimensions of the Article:

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Key points:

Heatwave Restrictions at Cheethal Base Camp

  • A ban on plastic items
  • No overnight stays due to potential human-animal conflicts
  • Prohibition on animal sacrifices at the shrine

Wildlife in Nallamala Forest Area

  • Home to red sanders, leopards, and deer
  • Tigers also inhabit the region

Ahobilam National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA)

  • Constituted under the Wild Life Protection Act, 1972
  • Oversees rare flora and fauna specific to the region

Ahobilam Temple Complex

  • Consists of 9 shrines to Lord Narisimha in Nallamala forest
  • Additional temple for Prahaladavarada Varadhan in the mountain foothills

Nagarjunasagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve


  • Located in the Nallamala Hills of the Eastern Ghats.
  • Spans across five districts of Andhra Pradesh: Prakasam, Kurnool, Guntur, and Mahbubnagar.
  • Covers an area of approximately 3,568 square kilometers.

Geographical Aspects:

  • Diverse terrain with rugged hills, deep valleys, and dense forests.
  • Part of the Srisailam-Nagarjunasagar-Kurnool forest belt.
  • The Krishna River flows through the reserve, creating a unique ecosystem.


  • Tropical and dry deciduous forests.
  • Dominated by teak, terminalia, bamboo, and other native species.
  • Rich in medicinal plants and herbs.


  • Home to a significant population of Bengal tigers.
  • Other mammals include:
    • Indian leopard
    • Sloth bear
    • Dhole (Indian wild dog)
    • Indian pangolin
    • Chital (spotted deer)
    • Sambar deer
    • Nilgai (blue bull)
    • Four-horned antelope
    • Indian giant squirrel


  • Over 350 species of birds have been recorded.
  • Includes the grey junglefowl, painted spurfowl, and the critically endangered white-rumped vulture.


  • Indian python
  • Mugger crocodile
  • Bengal monitor
  • Star tortoise


  • Declared a Tiger Reserve in 1983 under Project Tiger.
  • Part of the Srisailam-Nagarjunasagar-Kurnool Biosphere Reserve.
  • Efforts are ongoing to conserve and protect the Bengal tiger and its habitat.

-Source: The Hindu


May 2024