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Overview of GPT-40


The ChatGPT, OpenAI has brought the capabilities of GPT-4 through its latest model named GPT-4o.


Facts for Prelims

Overview of GPT-40 (“o” for “omni”):

  • GPT-40 offers intelligence equivalent to GPT-4 and significantly enhances its capabilities in text, vision, and audio processing.
Key Features:
  • Natural Human-Machine Interaction: Enhances the naturalness and ease of human-to-machine interaction.
  • Efficient Voice Mode: Intuitively recognizes the voice of the speaker(s) with improved efficiency.
  • Unified Voice, Text, and Vision Reasoning: Unlike previous versions, GPT-40 seamlessly integrates voice, text, and vision reasoning, reducing latency.
  • Vision Capabilities: Allows users to upload photos and documents, initiating conversations based on visual inputs.
  • Memory Feature: Enables real-time information browsing during conversations, enhancing user experience.
  • Multilingual Support: Improved quality and speed across 50 different languages.
  • Emotion Recognition: Capable of detecting user emotions and adapting conversation styles accordingly.
  • Real-time Facial Emotion Analysis: Can analyze a user’s facial expressions in real-time, providing insights into their feelings.

-Source: The Hindu

May 2024