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Panini — world’s first informatician

  • Panini also lays down rules, Ashtadhyayi is admired for its simplicity and its rigorous and consistent use of meta language.
  • Sutras are like mathematical formulae. So, a lot of information can be given using a few words
  • Panini also lays down rules to resolve conflicts between sutras.
  • The total number of words in Ashtadhyayi is 7,000.
  • The Total number of words after repeating the words with anuvrtti is 40,000.
  • Panini needed only approximately one-sixth of the words that would have been required without anuvrtti.
  • He achieved compression by a factor of 3 in terms of byte size, making memorisation easy.
  • It is not surprising therefore, that Gerard Huet, who led the teams which developed programming language CAML and Coq Proof Assistant System, said that Panini was the “first informatician in the world 24 centuries before computers came into existence.”
April 2024