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PIB 29th May


  1. United Nations Award to Indian Army Officer in UNMISS
  2. Missile Park ‘Agneeprastha’ to be set up at INS Kalinga
  3. Meeting of BRICS Heads of Tax Authorities
  4. NHPC Explores Power Projects in Ladakh
  5. Free online “Career Skills Training” in NCS


Focus: GS-III International Relations, Prelims

Why in news?

  • Major Suman Gawani, an Indian Army officer is being awarded the prestigious “United Nations Military Gender Advocate of the year Award” on 29 May 2020.
  • She will receive the award from the UN Secretary General on the occasion of International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers.

About her achievements

  • Major Suman Gawani served as a women peacekeeper with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) in 2019.
  • She was the principal focal point of contact for gender issues for Military Observers in the mission.
  • The officer was selected to attend a specialised training on Conflict Related Sexual Violence (CRSV) at Nairobi and participated in various UN forums to demonstrate how a gender perspective can help in protecting civilians, especially from conflict related sexual violence.

United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS)

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) is the newest United Nations peacekeeping mission for the recently independent South Sudan.

It is headquartered in the South Sudanese capital of Juba.

The stated UNMISS Mandate includes:

  1. Support for peace consolidation and thereby fostering longer-term state building and economic development
  2. Support the Government of the Republic of South Sudan in exercising its responsibilities for conflict prevention, mitigation and resolution and protect civilians
  3. Support the Government of the Republic of South Sudan in developing its capacity to provide security, to establish rule of law, and to strengthen the security and justice sectors.


Focus: GS-III Internal Security, Prelims

Why in news?

Foundation Stone for a Missile Park “Agneeprastha” was laid at INS Kalinga on 28 May 20.

Missile Park ‘Agneeprastha’

  • ‘Agneeprastha’ aims to capture glimpses of Missile History of INS Kalinga since 1981 till date.
  • The Missile Park has been set up with a replica of missiles and Ground Support Equipment (GSE) that showcase the evolution of missiles handled by the unit.
  • The exhibits have been created from scrap / obsolete inventory which have been reconditioned in-house.
  • The Missile Park ‘Agneeprastha’ once completed will be dedicated to all the Officers, Sailors and Support Staff of INS Kalinga.
  • The main attraction is P-70 ‘Ametist’, an underwater launched anti-ship missile from the arsenal of the old ‘Chakra’ (Charlie-1 submarine) which was in service with IN during 1988-91.
  • ‘Agneeprastha’ will also provide a one-stop arena for motivation and stimulation of inquisitive minds regarding the missiles and related technologies.

INS Kalinga

  • NS Kalinga is an Indian Navy establishment reporting to the Eastern Naval Command.
  • It is responsible for preparing, storing and delivering advanced missiles to ships of the Eastern Fleet. INS Kalinga was commissioned on 21 November 1985.
  • Over the past 26 years, the establishment has grown into a fully-fledged Station with co-located units such as MARCOS (E), NAD (V), NAI (V) and MES.


Focus: GS-II International Relations, Prelims

Why in news?

  • Meeting of the Heads of Tax Authorities of the BRICS countries was held on May 29, 2020.
  • The meeting was hosted by the Federal Tax Service of Russia, which currently holds the BRICS Presidency, to discuss the response of BRICS Tax Authorities to the COVID-19 pandemic and to explore potential areas of cooperation in tax matters.
  • The tax heads of other BRICS nations shared the measures taken by their respective tax administrations and their thoughts on other agenda items like tax challenges posed by digitalisation and exchange of information.

What is BRICS?

  • BRICS is the international grouping of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.
  • This was set up as a move towards greater multi­polarity; hence the spread across three continents and both hemispheres.

Contribution to global growth 

  • In terms of GDP, China occupies the second position; India the fifth; Brazil the ninth; Russia the 11th; and South Africa the 35th.
  • In terms of growth rates, China grew at 6%; India at 4.5%, Russia 1.7%, Brazil 1.2% and South Africa 0.1%.

Achievements of BRICS

  • The main achievement of BRICS is the New Development Bank, with each country contributing equally to its equity
  • The bank has so far financed over 40 projects at a cost of $12 billion
  • The BRICS countries are also developing a joint payments mechanism to reduce foreign trade settlements in U.S. dollars
  • An offshoot of the group, dealing with climate change, is BASIC (BRICS without Russia), which met at the Spain conference in December 2019 and reiterated its support to the Paris Agreement.


Focus: GS-III Industry and Infrastructure

Why in news?

With a view to leverage development of Hydro and Solar Power Projects in Union Territory of Ladakh NHPC, the Central PSU under Ministry of Power held a meeting with Lt. Governor of Ladakh.


  • The Meeting was held to discuss (National Hydroelectric Power Corporation) NHPC’s proposals and way forward on implementation of various identified Hydro and Solar Power Projects in Leh-Ladakh region.
  • NHPC is harnessing Hydro Power potential of Ladakh region by commissioning 45 MW Nimmo Bazgo in Leh and 44 MW Chutak Hydro Power Projects in Kargil.
  • NHPC also proposed about taking advantage of high solar irradiance of the region, blending of Hydro Power with Solar Power may also be explored.

National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC)

  • NHPC is enterprise of Central Government incorporated with an objective to plan, promote and organise an integrated and efficient development of hydroelectric power in all aspects.
  • NHPC was established in 1975 and is headquartered in Faridabad, Haryana.
  • Besides, hydroelectric power the company has expanded its objects to include other sources of energy like Solar, Geothermal, Tidal, Wind etc.
  • At present, NHPC is a Miniratna Category-I Enterprise of the Central Government.

What is Navaratna, Miniratna and Maharatna Categories?

  • The Public Sector Enterprises are run by the Government under the Department of Public Enterprises of Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises.
  • The government grants the status of Navratna, Miniratna and Maharatna to Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) based upon the profit made by these CPSEs.
  • The Maharatna category has been the most recent one since 2009, other two have been in function since 1997.

Miniratna Status is granted to:

The CPSEs are eligible to be considered for grant of Miniratna status when have made profits Rs. 30 crores in the last three years in a row and have positive net worth.

Navratna status is granted when:

  • The entity already has Miniratna Category – I status (along with Schedule ‘A’ listing) and at least three ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’ Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) ratings during the last five years.
  • The Company has a composite score of 60 or above out of possible 100 marks in the six selected performance parameters, which are:
    • Net Profit to Net Worth
    • Manpower cost to cost of production or services
    • Gross margin as capital employed
    • Gross profit as Turnover
    • Earnings per Share
    • Inter-Sectoral comparison based on Net profit to net worth

Maharatna Status is granted when:

  • The company already has Navratna status.
  • It is listed on Indian stock exchange with minimum prescribed public shareholding under SEBI regulations.
  • It has an Average annual turnover of more than Rs. 25,000 crore, during the last 3 years and Average annual net worth of more than Rs. 15,000 crores, during the last 3 years.
  • It should also have Average annual net profit after tax of more than Rs. 5,000 crores, during the last 3 years.
  • The entity should also have significant global presence/international operations.


Focus: GS-II Social Justice

Why in news?

The Ministry of Labour and Employment under its National Career Service (NCS) project has now started offering free online “Career Skills Training” in partnership with TCS ION for its registered job-seekers.

Details of the Course

  • This course on soft skills assists the learners in enhancing personality development with modules on corporate etiquette, improving inter personal skills, making impactful presentation including other necessary soft skills demanded by the industry today.
  • The training module is available in Hindi and English on the NCS portal.
  • The Project is implemented for transformation of the National Employment Service to provide a variety of employment related services like job search, job matching, career counselling, vocational guidance, information on skill development courses, apprenticeship, internships etc through an on-line portal.

National Career Service (India)

  • National Career Service (NCS) project is a Mission Mode Project launched by the Ministry of Labour and Employment (India) Government of India for establishing quick and efficient career related services across the country by revamping the existing nation-wide set-up of Employment Exchanges into IT-enabled Career Centres.
  • It was launched on 20 July 2015 as part of the government’s focus on providing right skills and generating employment.
  • The aim is to transform the employment exchanges across the country (being operated by the concerned state governments) into IT-enabled career centres providing a digital platform to various stakeholders in the employment market.
  • The Career Centres are a modified version of Employment Exchanges which serve as a platform for addressing all career-related needs of the youth and students.
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