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PIB 6th January


  1. Legislative Assembly of Delhi
  2. AI & machine learning will contribute USD 1 trillion to Indian economy by 2035
  3. BEE Notifies New Energy Performance Standards for Air Conditioners
  4. Farmers Science Congress: Importance of farmer’s innovations


Why in news?

EC has announced the election schedule for Delhi Assembly-2020


  • The Legislative Assembly of Delhi, also known as Delhi Vidhan Sabha, is a unicameral law making body of the National Capital Territory of Delhi
  • Delhi Legislative Assembly was first constituted on 7 March 1952 under the Government of Part C States Act, 1951
  • The States Reorganisation Commission, set up in 1953, led to the Constitutional amendment through States Reorganisation Act, 1956, which came into effect on 1 November 1956.
  • This meant that Delhi was no longer a Part-C State and was made a Union Territory under the direct administration of the President of India
  • Present form of LA was formed through the Constitution (Sixty-ninth Amendment) Act, 1991, followed by the Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi Act,1991
  • The Sixty-ninth Amendment to the Constitution of India, which declared the Union Territory of Delhi to be formally known as National Capital Territory of Delhi and also supplements the constitutional provisions relating to the Legislative Assembly and the Council of Ministers and related matters
  • The Delhi LA can frame the law on all matters in state list except land, police, law and order


Why in news?

National Stock Exchange (NSE) Knowledge Hub was inaugurated. The technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two major keys for India to become 1 trillion-dollar economy by 2035.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Infographic Legacy IAS Academy Best IAS Academy in Bangalore


  • National Stock Exchange (NSE) Knowledge Hub was inaugurated in New Delhi, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered learning ecosystem that will assist the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector.
  • Government is committed to ensuring stable environment for investors and startups.
  • The hub is one such step of the technologies to boost the economy of the country.
  • The learning modules in the hub will help in understanding the stock exchange and its functioning better. It will help in creating an adequate work force.
  • Although India has developed as the second largest fintech hub in the world, a lot of work still needs to be done in the BFSI sector and the NSE will help further aid India’s Progress.
  • Industry driven learning ecosystem will help India in building next generation skills and capabilities in the BFSI sector
  • The AI technology hub will also ensure affordable skill upgradation. The hub will make learning materials easily accessible.


Why in news?

Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has notified new energy performance standards for Room Air Conditioner


  • The Central Government in consultation with the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) has notified new energy performance standards for Room Air Conditioner (RACs) on 30th October 2019.
  • The 24C default setting has been made mandatory from Jan 1, 2020 for all room air conditioners covered under the ambit of BEE star-labelling program
  • Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ISEER) as per the new standards will range from (3.30 – 5.00) for split and (2.70 – 3.50) for window air conditioners, which will be applicable from 1st January 2021
  • BEE launched the voluntary star labelling program for fixed-speed room air conditioners (RACs) in 2006, and this program became mandatory on 12th January 2009.

About BEE

  • BEE is a statutory body under the Ministry of Power, Government of India.
  • It is assisted in developing policies and strategies with the primary objective of reducing the energy intensity of the Indian economy.
  • BEE coordinates with designated consumers, designated agencies, and other organization to identify and utilize the existing resources and infrastructure, in performing the functions assigned to it under the energy conservation act.


Why in news?

Farmers Science Congress conducted for the first time in Indian Science Congress


  • Farmers Science Congress highlights the importance of farmer’s innovations for the first time in Indian Science Congress
  • Scientist-farmer interactions can boost innovations to the next level and this can benefit the people in general
  • ICAR has developed 56 models of integrated farming, which will be promoted with NABARD by linking them to the Rural Development programmes
  • Farmers Innovation Fund and Innovation Centres will be set up to encourage innovations made by progressive farmers
  • To reduce the use of pesticides and fertilizers, ICAR are developing Nano fertilizers and Nano pesticides to promote organic farming
  • To improve rural bio-economy and attract youth to agriculture, a programme named Arya is being implemented
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