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PIB Summaries 04 October 2022


  1. Light Combat Helicopter
  2. Radio series – ‘Matdata Junction’ launched

Light Combat Helicopter

Focus: Quick Facts For Prelims, GS III-Defence Technology

Why in news?

Indigenously designed and developed Light Combat Helicopter (LCH) has been successfully inducted into the Indian Air Force (IAF).

About Light Combat Helicopter (LCH):

  • It is the first indigenous Multi-Role Combat Helicopter designed and manufactured by HAL. .
  • It has potent ground attack and aerial combat capability.
  • It is the only attack helicopter in the world which can land and take off at an altitude of 5,000 meters with a considerable load of weapons and fuel, meeting the specific requirements laid out by the Indian Armed Forces.
  • It has the maximum take-off weight of 5.8 tonnes, maximum speed of 268 kilometers per hour, range of 550 kilometers, endurance of over three hours and service ceiling — the maximum density altitude to which it can fly — of 6.5 kilometres.
  • The helicopter uses radar-absorbing material to lower radar signature and has a significantly crash-proof structure and landing gear.
  • A pressurised cabin offers protection from nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) contingencies.
  • LCH is powered by two French-origin Shakti engines manufactured by the HAL.
  • The helicopter possesses modern stealth characteristics, robust armour protection and formidable night attack capability.
  • Significance:
    • It marks a significant milestone in the path towards ‘Atmanirbharta’ in Defence.
    • The induction of LCH, with its tremendous power and versatility, not only enhances the combat capabilities of IAF but is also a big step towards self-reliance in defense production.
    • The LCH meets the requirements of modern warfare and necessary quality parameters under varied conditions of operations.
    • It is capable of self-protection, of carrying a wide variety of ammunition, and delivering it to the field quickly.
    • It perfectly meets the needs of our armed forces in various terrains and as such LCH is an ideal platform for both our Army and Air Force
    • Versatility and offensive potential of the LCH is at par or better than most attack helicopters operating globally. 

Radio Series – ‘Matdata Junction’ Launched

Focus: GS II- Government policies and interventions.

Why in news?

The Election Commission of India (ECI) launched the Radio series – ‘Matdata Junction’ in collaboration with All India Radio for voter awareness.

About Matdata Junction:

  • The Chief Election Commissioner of India launched a yearlong Voter Awareness Program – ‘Matdata Junction’ during an event organised at Akashvani Rang Bhavan, New Delhi.
  • The ‘Matdata Junction’ is a 52 episode radio series produced by the Election Commission of India, in collaboration with All India Radio.
  • Each episode of 15 minutes to be broadcasted every Friday on Vividh Bharati Stations, FM Gold, FM Rainbow and Primary Channels of AIR.
  • The Programs will be broadcast in 23 languages across 230 AIR channels.
  • It will be a strong platform to connect with the voters across the country.
  • The program as a combination of information and entertainment, would specifically help address urban apathy and inform the audience about the election processes in the conduct of free, fair, transparent, inducement free, accessible and inclusive elections in an interactive communication format.
  • The 52 episode series will cover various aspects of election and related processes from voters’ perspective. It includes:
    • Voter registration
    • Informed & Ethical Voting 
    • Value of Vote
    • Inclusive & Accessible Elections 
    • Model Code of Conduct
    • IT Applications
    • Electronic Voting Machines
    • Stories of election officials
  • The episodes includes interactive messaging aimed at encouraging eligible citizens and especially the young and first time voters to vote and make an informed decision during the elections.
  • The program includes a Citizen’s Corner where any citizen can ask a query or also provide suggestions for making elections inclusive and participative.

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