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PIB Summaries 12 July 2023


  1. Urban 20 Summit
  2. JIMEX 23

Urban 20 Summit

Focus: GS II: International Relations

Why in News?

Recently, the two-day Urban 20 Mayoral Summit which was hosted by the chair city Ahmedabad, in Gandhinagar from 7-8 July, concluded with the handover of the Communiqué from the Mayors to G20 leaders.

Urban 20 (U20) Summit:

  • The Urban 20 (U20) Summit is a city diplomacy initiative launched in 2017 at the One Planet Summit in Paris.
  • It provides a platform for cities from G20 countries to discuss and propose collective solutions to important urban development issues.
Key Points:
  • The U20 focuses on topics such as climate change, social inclusion, sustainable mobility, and affordable housing.
  • It is convened by C40 Cities (C40) and United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), with the leadership of a rotating Chair city from the G20 host country.
  • The City of Ahmedabad chaired the U20 Summit in a particular year.
  • The U20 Communique, an outcome document, was endorsed by a record number of 105 cities from around the world, demonstrating broad support for its content.
  • The Communique serves as an action agenda for the six priorities collectively identified by U20 cities, which include promoting environmentally responsible behaviors, accelerating climate finance, championing local culture and economy, ensuring water security, catalyzing digital urban futures, and reinventing frameworks for urban planning and governance.
  • The U20 Summit plays a crucial role in fostering international cooperation among cities and promoting sustainable urban development.
  • By addressing key challenges and proposing solutions, the U20 aims to contribute to global efforts in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and addressing pressing urban issues.
  • The U20 Communique serves as a guide for cities to implement concrete actions in their respective urban contexts.
  • It encourages collaboration and knowledge-sharing among cities to tackle common challenges and achieve sustainable urban development.
  • The U20 Summit provides an opportunity for cities to amplify their voices and contribute to global decision-making processes.


Focus: GS III: Security Challenges

Why in News?

The 7th edition of Japan India Maritime Exercise 2023 (JIMEX 23) hosted by the Indian Navy concluded in the Bay of Bengal with the two sides bidding farewell to each other with a customary steampast.

About JIMEX 23

The exercise aims to enhance cooperation and interoperability between the Japan Maritime Self Defence Force (JMSDF) and the Indian Navy.

Indian Navy’s Participation:
  • Indian Navy’s participating assets include INS Delhi (Guided Missile Destroyer), INS Kamorta (Anti-Submarine Warfare Corvette), INS Shakti (Fleet Tanker), a submarine, P8I and Dornier maritime patrol aircraft, ship-borne helicopters, and fighter aircraft.
Phases of the Exercise:
  • The exercise will be conducted in two phases: a Harbour Phase and a Sea Phase.
  • During the Harbour Phase in Visakhapatnam, professional, sports, and social interactions will take place.
  • The Sea Phase will focus on joint warfighting skills, interoperability, and multi-discipline operations in the surface, sub-surface, and air domains.
  • JIMEX 23 provides an opportunity for both navies to learn from each other’s best practices.
  • The exercise aims to strengthen operational interactions, mutual cooperation, and reaffirm the shared commitment to maritime security in the region.

December 2023