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PIB Summaries 18 February 2023


  1. eSanjeevani
  2. Yakshagana


Focus: GS III- Health

Why in News?

The Prime Minister has hailed the landmark of 10 crore tele-consultations on eSanjeevani app. 

What is E-Sanjeevani?

  • Ministry eevani AB-HWC) in the hub and spoke model and patient to doctor (eSanjeevani OPD).
  • E-Sanjeevani OPD (out-patient department) is a telemedicine variant for the public to seek health services remotely; it was rolled out on 13th of April 2020 during the first lockdown in the country.
  • e-Sanjeevani OPD is a Govt of India flagship telemedicine platform developed by the Centre for Development of Advance Computing (C-DAC), Mohali under the aegis of MoHFW, Govt of India.
  •  It provides free consultations to any Indian citizen.
  • However, with covid cases surging, the demand for doctors is up while the supply has reduced due to doctors being pulled out for covid ward duties. 
  • It enables virtual meetings between the patients and doctors & specialists from geographically dispersed locations, through video conferencing that occurs in real-time.
  • At the end of these remote consultations, eSanjeevani generates electronic prescriptions which can be used for sourcing medicines.
  • Andhra Pradesh was the first state to roll out eSanjeevani AB-HWC services in November 2019.
Benefits of telemedicine
  • Transportation: Patients can avoid spending gas money or wasting time in traffic with video consultations.
  • No missing work: Today, individuals can schedule a consultation during a work break or even after work hours.
  • Childcare/Eldercare Challenges: Those who struggle to find care options can use telemedicine solutions.


Focus: GS I: Art and Culture

Why in News?

The Prime Minister has expressed deep grief over the demise of noted Yakshagana playback singer, Shri Balipa Narayana Bhagawatha.

About Yakshagana:

  • Yakshagana is a traditional theatre form that originated in Karnataka.
  • It is a temple art form that portrays mythological stories and Puranas.
  • The performances involve elaborate headgear, facial make-up, and vibrant costumes and ornaments.
  • The language used is primarily Kannada, but it is also performed in Malayalam and Tulu (a dialect of South Karnataka).
  • The performances are accompanied by percussion instruments like chenda, maddalam, jagatta or chengila (cymbals), and chakratala or elathalam (small cymbals).
  • The most popular episodes depicted in Yakshagana are from the Mahabharata, such as Draupadi swayamvar and Subhadra vivah, as well as from the Ramayana, such as Rajyabhishek and Lav-Kush yuddh.


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