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Self Assessment Test and Help for Entrance Exams Portal


The Ministry of Education (MoE) recently said they would write to all states to encourage aspirants to utilise the newly launched portal for exam preparation, SATHEE (Self Assessment Test and Help for Entrance Exams).


Facts for Prelims, Government Policies and Interventions

Dimensions of the Article:

  1. SATHEE (Self Assessment Test and Help for Entrance Exams) Portal: Empowering Students for Success

SATHEE (Self Assessment Test and Help for Entrance Exams) Portal: Empowering Students for Success

  • Launched by the Ministry of Education, SATHEE is a pioneering initiative designed to offer a free learning and assessment platform for students preparing for competitive examinations.
  • Provide free training and coaching for competitive exams, addressing the financial constraints faced by many students.
  • Bridge the gap for those unable to afford costly entrance exam guidance.
  • Facilitate preparation for a range of exams, including JEE, NEET, CAT, GATE, UPSC, etc.
  • Offer materials and support in multiple languages to ensure accessibility across diverse regions of India.
Key Features:
  • Multilingual Support:
    • Offers preparation materials in English, Hindi, and regional languages to cater to a broader student base.
  • Expert Faculty Videos:
    • Features videos created by faculty members from prestigious institutions such as IITs and IISC.
    • Aids students in learning concepts, revising weak topics, and preparing for competitive exams.
  • Utilization of Prutor AI:
    • Integrates an indigenously developed AI program called Prutor, originating from IIT-Kanpur.
  • Comprehensive Exam Coverage:
    • Covers preparation materials for a variety of exams, including JEE and NEET, as well as broader exams like CAT, GATE, and UPSC.
  • Webinars and Motivational Content:
    • Offers webinars on exam preparation ideas, featuring success stories, motivational sessions, and collaborative problem-solving sessions (Solve with me).
Empowering Student Success:
  • SATHEE serves as a holistic platform, combining educational resources, expert guidance, and motivational content to empower students on their journey towards academic success.

February 2024