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The Ilbert Bill controversy was related to the

The Ilbert Bill controversy was related to the(2013)

a) imposition restrictions the Indians of certain to carry arms by Indians

b) imposition of restrictions on newspapers and magazines published in Indian languages

c) removal of disqualifications imposed on the Indian magistrates with regard to the trial of the Europeans

d) removal of a duty on imported cotton cloth

Answer: C

Before the introduction of the Ilbert bill, British subjects in 1873 had been exempted from trial by Indian magistrates. For cases that involved death or transportation, they could only be tried by a higher court.

This scenario changed with the introduction of the Ilbert Bill in 1883.

The contents of the bill stated that from now on, British and Europeans subjects would be tried in session courts by Indian judges, who were senior enough in the civil service to preside over such proceedings. It was this provision that would be a source of great anger among the European community.

December 2023