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The term ‘IndARC’ sometimes seen in the news, is the name of?

The term ‘IndARC’ sometimes seen in the news, is the name of?(2015)

a) an indigenously developed radar system inducted into Indian Defence

b) India’s satellite to provide services to the countries of Indian Ocean Rim

c) a scientific establishment set up by India in Antarctic region

d)India’s underwater observatory to scientifically study the Arctic region

Answer: D

The interaction between the Arctic ice shelf and the deep sea and its influence on climate shift requires detailed studies over an annual seasonal cycle.

Therefore, IndARC, the India’s first underwater moored observatory, has been deployed in the Kongsfjorden fjord, half way between Norway and the North Pole. It will collect real- time data on seawater temperature, salinity, ocean currents and other vital parameters of the fjord.

March 2024