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Week 1 Case study Answer

Action should be as follows:

1. Park the car- so that no disturbance to the traffic

2. Reach the spot where the man is beating the girl and immediately stop him and ask him not to beat or take law in his hand. Thank him for taking notice of the theft and taking action, but remind him that the girl is very young and could have acted out of hunger too. Remind him gently that it is a public space and such act physical violence could land him in legal trouble. This should lower his anger.

3. Call the destination where I was heading– inform about the emergency, so that they will not wait for me.

4. If girl is injured- carry out first aid from the box available in the car. Get her something to eat and drink.

5. Try to know her history and then informing to NGO or child care centre and personally taking to there will be my choice since leaving her just like that will make her to repeat the act since its the poverty and poor care made her to act. If these are given girl will desist from such acts.

6. Make an occasional follow up of the girl with the agency to whom she had been handed over to.

April 2024