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What is White Lung Syndrome


An outbreak of a respiratory illness in northern China and Ohio in the US — the White Lung Syndrome as people are calling it — has sparked speculation online of a new pandemic threat after COVID-19.


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White Lung Syndrome:

  • Origin: White Lung Syndrome is characterized by distinctive white patches on chest X-rays observed in affected children.
  • Inclusive of Various Respiratory Illnesses: This term encompasses various respiratory illnesses, including acute respiratory distress syndrome, pulmonary alveolar microlithiasis, and silica-related conditions.
  • Causes: The syndrome is believed to result from a combination of factors, including bacterial and viral infections, as well as environmental factors.
  • Signs and Symptoms: Patients with White Lung Syndrome typically experience symptoms such as cough, fever, runny nose, accumulation of phlegm in sinuses, difficulty breathing, and fatigue.
  • Treatment: Treatment primarily focuses on addressing the symptoms of pneumonia and ensuring the respiratory health of patients. This may involve administering medicines to alleviate symptoms like cough and fever, as well as continuous monitoring and the provision of oxygen therapy if necessary.

-Source: Hindustan Times

February 2024