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Which one of the following statements best describes Tribhaga pose?

In the context of cultural history of India, a pose in dance and dramatics called ‘Tribhanga’ has been a favourite of Indian artists from ancient times till today. Which one of the following statements best describes this pose?(2013)

a) One leg is bent and the body is slightly but oppositely curved at waist and neck

b) Facial expressions, hand gestures and make-up are combined to symbolize certain epic or historic characters

c) Movements of body, face and hands are used to express oneself or to tell a story

d) A little smile, slightly curved waist and certain hand gestures are emphasized to express the feelings of love or eroticism

Answer: A

Tribhaṅga or Tribunga is a standing body position or stance used in traditional Indian art and Indian classical dance forms like the Odissi, where the body bends in one direction at the knees, the other direction at the hips and then the other again at the shoulders and neck.

March 2024