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The fort of legendry Vannuramma in Nallamala forest in the present day Mydukur mandal of Kadapa district is trending due to its rundown condition.


GS I: History

Dimensions of the Article:

  1. Who was Vannuramma?
  2. Her death

Who was Vannuramma?

  • Between 1781 and 1796, Vannuramma controlled five “Durgams” (sub fiefdoms), with Sakarlapadu serving as her administrative centre. She was reportedly born in Pathimadugu Rekulakunta, which is currently in the Kadapa district, and she wed Veerneni Chinna Narasimha Naidu in 1764.
  • The family often made prayers at Kalyanadurgam’s Vannuru Swamy temple in the Anantapur area. As a result, Vannuramma received her name since it was thought that she was a gift from the gods when she was born.
  • The Matli kings and Kadapa Nawabs shivered at the mere mention of the name “Vannuramma.”
  • Vannuramma’s family was attacked by other Polegars and forced to flee Thippireddypalle, where they took refuge in Chagalamarri fort, where they remained for eight years before her husband passed away in 1780.
  • Of all the Polegars (local chieftains) who had ruled the regional territories of Rayalaseema before the arrival of the British, the lone woman ruler remains forgotten from the pages of history.
  • When the Mysore Sultan Hyder Ali’s disciple Meeru Saheb and the Matli king Appayya Raju engaged in battle, invaded Sakerlapadu Durgam, and stole the possessions of residents, Vannuramma handled the sword.
  • She assembled her troops, waged war, and annexed the region back into her control in 1781

Her death

  • Even the Golconda Nawabs, through their Kadapa henchman Khadarvali Khan, strove in vain to subjugate her.
  • At that point, they came up with a scheme to seduce her adoptive son and had her detained on false grounds.
  • Treason charges were brought against the innocent Vannuramma when she went to the Matli king’s court to show her innocence.
  • The Nawabs imprisoned her and gave her the cruel penalty of “Korthi,” which involves forcing a person to sit on a pointed tree stump and being abandoned to perish.
  • Vannuramma died in full public view in the year 1718 of Salivahana Saka, which translates to August 16, 1796, i.e., 226 years back.

-Source: The Hindu

July 2024