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Why should you choose Civil Services (IAS/IPS/IFS/IRS etc,.) over other Careers?

Civil Services Career is one of the most sought after Careers by the present generation in our country. More and more candidates apply for this exam every year, but only a handful of them get past all the 3 stages of this examination. It is no wonder then that the examination process is arduous and time consuming.

There are many reasons as to why this Career becomes attractive. Here, I list out the most important considerations that candidates take into account to choose Civil Services over others:

  1. Of Respect, Dignity and Power: Given that the Officers populate many Government offices at the helm, they are the ones who are in constant touch with the Power Corridors of the government. This apparently makes people to visualize these officers to as someone who wields enough power to make a change in various spheres of Governance. It instills a sense of respect in the minds of the people for the officers
  2. Of Salary, Privileges and Perquisites (P&P): Civil Servants are paid a handsome salary, albeit less than that in corporate world. Yet, the Salaries of the former at present are almost at par with those in the latter (thanks to 7th Pay Commission). Civil Servants enjoy ample privileges alongside many perks. Based on the cadre and position one gets into, the P&P change as well. Nonetheless, as compared to other careers, this career for sure trumps them all.
  3. Opportunity for Growth: Career growth prospects in the Civil Services Community is guaranteed, provided the officer in question maintains his work culture. It reflects in his Annual Appraisal Report, which opens vistas for greater endeavors.
  4. Public Service Orientation: The strongest motivator for a person to enter Civil Services should be to harness the government machinery for the well-being of the Public. Many enter this stream with this benevolent idea at the back of their mind.

There exist some naive myths about Civil Services Career too. These can be very discouraging for an aspirant. I will address the pitfalls of these myths and their origins in one of my ensuing posts.

Good Luck  

February 2024