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World Migration Report 2022 in Climate disasters


According to the World Migration Report 2022, published every second year by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) of the UN, in 2020, “30.7 million new displacements were triggered by disasters in 145 countries and territories.”


GS-II: Social Justice (Issues relating to the development and management of Social Sector/Services, Issues relating to poverty, hunger and Unemployment), GS-III: Environment and Ecology

Dimensions of the Article:

  1. World Migration Report
  2. Highlights of the World Migration Report 2022

World Migration Report

  • The flagship publication series of the International Organization for Migration, the World Migration Report presents data and information on human migration together with analysis of complex and emerging migration issues.
  • The World Migration Report was first published by IOM in 2000 with the aim of promoting “a better understanding of the main migratory movements that are occurring across the globe.”
  • The subsequent seven editions, published between 2003 and 2015, were published with specific thematic interests.

Highlights of the World Migration Report 2022

  • 7 million New displacements were triggered by disasters in 145 countries and territories.
  • Most of the new displacement is due to climate related events: Storms accounted for 14.6 million displacements and floods for 14.1 million. Extreme temperatures have displaced some 46,000 people anew; droughts caused new displacement of 32,000 people in 2020.
  • United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification estimates that droughts could lead to the migration of 22 million more in Africa, 12 million in South America and 10 million in Asia by 2059 (in comparison to the 2000-2015 period).
  • The last World Migration Report, published in December 2019 in 2018, of the total new 28 million internally displaced people in 148 countries, 61 per cent were due to disasters.

-Source: Down to Earth Magazine

December 2023