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Focus: GS-IV Ethics and Integrity, GS-II Social Justice

Example to use regarding Yuva Scheme

  • A man was recently arrested on charges of pickpocketing train passengers, which was the first time he committed a crime.
  • He is out on bail and has enrolled in the Delhi Police’s self-sufficiency programme, ‘Yuva’.
  • As a part of the scheme, when he completes his classroom as well as practical training, he will be given a chance to work at nursing homes and private hospitals as a clerical assistant.
  • In short, his life changed from spiraling down into a life of another criminal to someone who is making an honest living and employed.

About the Yuva Programme

  • Delhi police commissioner said that they believe that first-time offenders must be given a chance to reform.
  • As a crime control strategy, Delhi police are segregating first-time offenders from repeat offenders and arranging for their vocational training to make them self-reliant.
  • The training not only teaches them how to work efficiently but also educates them about how to keep away from anti-social elements and lead a healthy and safe life.
  • Currently there are around 10 first-time offenders enrolled in the Yuva programme, all of whom have lost their livelihood due to the pandemic.
  • The idea of enrolling first-time offenders in such a programme came when it was noticed that many labourers, contractual employees and those involved in similar jobs have lost their livelihood due to lockdown.

Way Forward

  • Training is not the issue, as in the current times, even skilled workers are out of work and we need more jobs and income support.
  • This calls for a much bigger initiative which won’t be possible with the efforts of the police alone.

-Source: Hindustan Times

November 2023