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Context :

GM cotton covers 95% of the area under cotton and that there are very limited choices for farmers

The fact: Indian farmers have voted for choice of seeds with biotechnologies by planting hybrid cotton biotech seeds on over 90% of the country’s cotton acreage.

  • Several key studies by third-party economists and sociologists have established that 85% of hybrid Bt cotton seed farmers and farm laborers invested in better education for children  
    • 77% reported better intake of nutritious food
    • 75% reported better health of their family members
    • 64% invested on the health of livestock
    • Female workers on Bt cotton fields earned an average 55% higher income 
    • 42.4 crore additional days of rural employment have been generated, thereby doubling cotton production.
  • Biotechnology in cotton, post its introduction in 2002, has led to transformational changes in India’s cotton cultivation.
  • These have helped increase cotton yields by over 1.8 times and resulted in substantial reduction in the use of pesticides.
  • Biotechnology as lead India to become 2nd largest cotton producing and exporting nation in the world. 
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