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About Exercise Cyber Suraksha – 2024

Focus: GS III- Security Challenges

Why in News??

Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Gen Anil Chauhan attended ‘Exercise Cyber Suraksha – 2024’, on May 22, 2024. The event underscored the importance of strengthening India’s cyber defence capabilities.

About Exercise Cyber Suraksha – 2024:

  • It is a comprehensive cyber defence exercise being conducted by Defence Cyber Agency from 20 – 24 May 2024.
  • Aim: To further develop Cyber Defence Capability of all Cyber security organisations and promote synergy amongst all stakeholders.


  • Enhancing collaboration and integration among participants from various military and prominent national organizations.
  • The event reaffirms the commitment of the Indian Armed Forces to safeguarding national security in the increasingly important cyber domain.

Why does India need a cybersecurity strategy?

  • As per American cybersecurity firm Palo Alto Networks’ 2021 report, Maharashtra was the most targeted State in India — facing 42% of all ransomware attacks.
  • The report stated that India is among the more economically profitable regions for hacker groups and hence these hackers ask Indian firms to pay a ransom, usually using cryptocurrencies, in order to regain access to the data.
  • One in four Indian organisations suffered a ransomware attack in 2021.
  •  Indian organisations witnessed a 218% increase in ransomware — higher than the global average of 21%.
  • Software and services (26%), capital goods (14%) and the public sector (9%) were among the most targeted sectors.
  • Increase in such attacks has brought to light the urgent need for strengthening India’s cybersecurity.

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