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About Lumpy Skin Disease

Focus: GS-III Science and Technology

Why in News?

Providing a big relief to the livestock of the country, the Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare launched the indigenous vaccine Lumpi-ProVacInd to protect livestock from Lumpy Skin disease.

  • The vaccine has been developed by the National Equine Research Center, Hisar (Haryana) in collaboration with the Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izzatnagar (Bareilly).

About Lumpy Skin Disease

  • It is caused by infection of cattle or buffalo with the poxvirus Lumpy skin disease virus (LSDV).
  • The virus is one of three closely related species within the genus capripoxvirus, the other two species being Sheeppox virus and Goatpox virus.


  • It appears as nodules of two to five-centimetre diameter all over the body, particularly around the head, neck, limbs, udder and genitals.
  • The lumps gradually open up like large and deep wounds.


  • The LSD virus easily spreads by blood-sucking insects like mosquitoes, flies and ticks and through saliva and contaminated water and food.


  • Historically, LSD has remained confined to Africa, where it was first discovered in 1929, and parts of West Asia.
  • LSD was first reported in Asia and the Pacific region in 2019 in north west China, Bangladesh and India. 


  • No treatment is available for the disease so prevention by vaccination is the most effective means of control.

December 2023