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About Macrosomia


Recently, a mother in Brazil gave birth to a two-foot-tall baby weighing 16lb (7.3kg).


Facts for Prelims

Dimensions of the Article:

  1. Macrosomia
  2. Impacts of Macrosomic Babies


  • Macrosomia is a term used to describe large babies, weighing more than 4kg.
Causes of Macrosomia
  • The mother’s body weight: Obesity in mothers increases the risk of having a macrosomic baby.
  • Gestational diabetes: Mothers with gestational diabetes are more likely to have a macrosomic baby.
  • Age of the mother: Women who are older when they get pregnant have an increased risk of having a macrosomic baby.
  • Overdue pregnancy: Pregnancies that run past 40 weeks, particularly at 42 weeks or more, increase the risk of a macrosomic baby.
  • Previous pregnancies: Having a history of previous pregnancies increases the risk of having a macrosomic baby.

Impacts of Macrosomic Babies

  • Shoulder dystocia: A macrosomic baby can get stuck in the birth canal, which may cause permanent harm to their shoulders and prevent them from breathing.
  • Increased risk for the mother: Macrosomic babies increase the risk of vaginal tears during delivery and postpartum hemorrhage.

-Source: The Economic times

March 2024