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About MATES Migration Scheme


The Australian Federal Budget Document, released recently, announced the start date for the Mobility Arrangement for Talented Early-professionals Scheme (MATES) for Indian Nationals.


GS II: International Relations

About MATES Migration Scheme:


  • On May 23, 2023, Australia and India established a Migration and Mobility Partnership Arrangement (MMPA) to facilitate two-way migration and mobility while addressing issues related to illegal migration.
  • MATES Scheme Overview:
  • The Mobility Arrangement for Talented Early-Professionals Scheme (MATES) is a component of the MMPA aimed at fostering temporary mobility for Indian university graduates and early career professionals.
  • MATES facilitates skills and knowledge transfer between Australia and India for mutual benefit.
Eligibility Criteria:
  • Indian nationals aged 30 years or younger at the time of application, proficient in English, and holding a Bachelor’s degree or higher in specified fields of study from an eligible educational institution within the past two years are eligible.
  • Previous participation in MATES is not allowed.
Sponsorship Requirement:
  • Unlike traditional visa schemes, MATES does not necessitate sponsorship by an Australian employer for visa eligibility.
Permitted Activities:
  • MATES participants can reside and work in Australia for up to two years.
  • While there’s no strict requirement to work in their field of study, the scheme encourages participants to expand their skills and networks, particularly within specified sectors.
Program Capacity:
  • Initially, MATES will offer 3,000 places annually for primary applicants.
  • Participants can apply to bring dependents (spouses and dependent children) who will have work rights in Australia and will not be counted towards the annual cap.

-Source: Times of India

June 2024