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About The Exercise KAZIND-2023


Recently, the Indian Army and Indian Air Force contingent, comprising 120 personnel, departed to take part in the Joint Military ‘Exercise KAZIND-2023’ which will be conducted at Otar, Kazakhstan, from October 30th to November 11th, 2023.


GS III: Security Challenges

Dimensions of the Article:

  1. Exercise KAZIND-2023
  2. Significance

Exercise KAZIND-2023

  • 7th Edition: This is the 7th iteration of the Kazind exercise.
  • Inception: The Joint Exercise between India and Kazakhstan began as ‘Exercise PRABAL DOSTYK’ in 2016.
  • Upgrade to Company-Level: After the second edition, it was elevated to a company-level exercise and renamed ‘Exercise KAZIND’.
  • Bi-Service Exercise: In this edition, the exercise has been further upgraded to a Bi-service Exercise, including the Air Force component.
Focus and Activities
  • Counter Terrorism Operations: The current edition focuses on practicing Counter Terrorism operations within a sub-conventional environment under a United Nations mandate.
  • Tactical Drills: Contingents will jointly rehearse various tactical drills, including Raid, Search and Destroy Operations, Small Team Insertion and Extraction operations, etc.
  • Counter Unmanned Aerial System Operations: The exercise scope also encompasses Counter Unmanned Aerial System Operations.


  • Mutual Insight: Provides both sides with the opportunity to gain insight into each other’s tactics, battle drills, and procedures, essential for operations under the United Nations.
  • Skill Development: Joint training develops the necessary skills, resilience, and coordination for conducting military operations in semi-urban and urban environments.
  • Skill Exchange: Allows both sides to practice a wide range of combat skills and learn from each other.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Provides a platform for the contingents to exchange views and share best practices.

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