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About The S-400 Air Defence Missile System


Ukraine recently said it destroyed a Russian S-400 anti-aircraft system on the Crimean peninsula, which Russia annexed in 2014.


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  1. About S-400 Air Defence Missile System

About S-400 Air Defence Missile System:

  • The S-400 Air Defence Missile System is a highly advanced mobile surface-to-air missile system developed by the Almaz Central Design Bureau of Russia.
  • It is known as the S-400 Triumf in Russia and NATO refers to it as the SA-21 Growler.
Here are its key features:
  • Functionality: The S-400 is designed to provide air defense against a wide range of threats, including aircraft, ballistic missiles, and airborne early warning and control (AWACS) aircraft.
  • Simultaneous Tracking: One of its remarkable features is its ability to simultaneously track and engage multiple incoming targets, thanks to its advanced radar and control systems.
  • Development and Deployment: The system entered service in April 2007, with the first combat deployment in August 2007. It represents a significant advancement in air defense technology.
  • India’s Acquisition: In October 2018, India signed a substantial deal worth $5.5 billion with Russia to acquire five S-400 systems, aiming to enhance its air defense capabilities.
  • Missile Capabilities: The S-400 system is equipped with multiple missile types:
    • Long-range: It can engage targets up to 400 km and 250 km away.
    • Medium-range: It can target threats at distances of 120 km.
    • Short-range: It can engage incoming objects within 40 km.
  • Simultaneous Engagement: The system is capable of simultaneously engaging up to 36 different targets, making it highly effective in complex and dense threat environments.
  • Radar and Control Systems: The S-400 is a complex of radars, control systems, and various types of missiles. Its radar can detect and track targets at long distances, providing early warnings and target identification.
  • Automated System: The system is highly automated. Once a target is detected and identified, it is handed over to manned anti-aircraft missile systems within the complex for launching counterattacks.

-Source: Times of India

April 2024