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About The Tansen Samaroh


Around 1,300 musicians played Vande Mataram on tabla to enter the Guinness World Record for the “largest table ensemble” during the ongoing 99th International Tansen Samaroh in Gwalior.


Facts for Prelims

Tansen Samaroh: Honoring the Melodic Legacy of Mian Tansen

  • Tansen Samaroh pays tribute to the legendary Indian classical musician, Shri Ramtanu Misra, known as Tansen.
  • Held annually in December in Gwalior, it serves as a celebration of Tansen’s contribution to Indian music.
  • Commemorates the life and musical prowess of Mian Tansen, a distinguished classical music composer and vocalist.
  • Artists and music enthusiasts worldwide gather to pay homage to the Great Indian Musical Maestro.
Key Facts about Mian Tansen:
  • Renowned composer, musician, and vocalist in Indian classical music.
  • Instrumentalist credited with popularizing and enhancing the plucked rabab.
  • Honored as one of the Navaratnas at the court of Mughal Emperor Akbar.
  • Bestowed with the title “Mian” by Emperor Akbar, signifying a learned man.
  • Historical details about Tansen are intertwined with legendary narratives.
  • Credited with introducing famous ragas like Miyan ki Malhar, Miyan ki Todi, and Darbari.
Annual Celebration:
  • Tansen Samaroh attracts artists and music lovers globally to celebrate the enduring legacy of Mian Tansen.
  • Provides a platform for showcasing classical music and fostering cultural exchange.

-Source: Indian Express

February 2024