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About The UN Democracy Fund (UNDEF)


India is the fourth highest donor to UN Democracy Fund, which funds at least 68 projects worldwide linked to the Open Society Foundation.


GS II: International Relations

What is the UN Democracy Fund?

  • Establishment and Objectives: The UN Democracy Fund (UNDEF) was established by former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan in 2005 as a United Nations General Trust Fund. Its primary objective is to support democratization efforts worldwide by empowering civil society, promoting human rights, and encouraging the participation of all groups in democratic processes.
  • Membership and Funding: India is a founding member of UNDEF. The Fund is entirely financed by voluntary contributions from governments.
  • Advisory Board: The UNDEF Advisory Board is constituted by the Secretary-General and comprises of three categories of members:
    • UN Member States who have made the largest cumulative financial contributions to the Fund over the previous three years.
    • International civil society organizations.
    • Individuals serving in a personal capacity.
  • The Advisory Board provides advice and guidance on UNDEF strategy, programme areas, and project proposals.

Source: Indian Express

March 2024