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Akula Class – Attack Submarine


  • Conventional Submarines: These are the ones which are powered by electric motors and batteries.
    E.g. Project-75 Class Submarines
  • Nuclear Powered Ballistic Submarines: These are powered by nuclear fuel, thereby capable of operating underwater for longer durations. Primary role of such submarines is to provide strategic deterrence.
    E.g. INS Arihant
  • Nuclear Powered and Armed Submarines (SSN): These marines have unlimited endurance and high speeds and are armed with cruise missiles and heavyweight torpedoes, thus complementing carrier battle groups.
    E.g. Akula Class Submarines.

Akula Class Submarines

  • The Akula Class Submarine uses a nuclear reactor for propulsion, allowing it to remain underwater for an extended period of time which makes its detection impossible.
  • This class of Submarine can be used for multiple tasks like hunting enemy submarines, intelligence surveillance etc.
December 2023