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Artificial gravity

  • A team from the University of Colorado is working on making a device which could create artificial gravity in space
  • Artificialgravityis a force that simulates the effect of gravity in a spaceship.
  • It is not caused by the attraction to the Earth but is instead caused by acceleration or centrifugal force.
  • Artificial gravity or rotational gravity is thus the appearance of a centrifugal force in a rotating frame of reference.
  • The research centrifuge is called as ‘Human Eccentric Rotator Device’ (HERD) and the device is compact enough to fit into a small room.
  • A rotating circular space station can create artificial gravity.
  • The rate of rotation is necessary to duplicate the Earth’s gravity depends on the radius of the circle.
  • Future astronauts heading into an artificial-gravity room to spend time on a small revolving system.
  • It is built with the aim of counteracting the negative effects of weightlessness.
December 2023