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How to Choose the Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore


Below are the top 10 questions that should be kept in mind before choosing the best IAS coaching institute in Bangalore or elsewhere.

1.  What are Students’ Feedback/ Track Records of some acclaimed Best IAS coaching in Bangalore?

Better the directors better would be the IAS coaching Centre. Student needs to talk to directors or the head of the institute to know their plan of action. This industry can’t be run by capitalist thought alone.  Apart from this, one must get students’ feedback about faculties, study material, test series, etc., on a regular basis and follow through with pertinent action.

Students can also get a hint based on their coaching method and Mentoring institutes without a doubt play a significant role in shaping the career of students. This is much truer when it comes to preparation for competitive examinations. The students pursuing studies from the best IAS coaching institutes always have an extra edge over those who study on their own.

There is a significant difference between academic examinations and competitive entrance examinations like the Civil Services Examination of reviews about the Best IAS academy in question on the internet for concrete data. Never go only by the Reference or reception desk of the coaching Centre over the phone, simply because it’s obvious that no institute is going to claim that they are not the Best IAS academy in Bangalore.

It will be really beneficial if you seek advice from significant others who have encountered the exam process in the past. This might include your parents, peers, or seniors.

2. How are the Faculty members of any IAS coaching in Bangalore with Top-notch facilities?

This is the single most important thing that should be kept in mind while choosing a UPSC coaching institute in Bangalore or some other place.

Faculty members are the building blocks of any institute. The performance of any IAS institute in Bangalore relies in entirety on its faculties. Experienced teachers make difficult things look easy. They transform students entirely from novices to intense thinkers.

Having beforehand knowledge about the teachers from various sources becomes important. You should also ask for a list of lecturers/ professors constituting the faculty along with their qualifications. Legacy IAS academy in Jayanagar, Bangalore has its in-house faculty which lives up to the expectation

Faculties who have appeared in IAS interviews twice or thrice are assets to any coaching institute. They have the advantage of knowing the tips and strategies required to crack the exam. So, an institute having such a pool of teachers can be called the best UPSC coaching in Bangalore. Also, attend demo classes and mock sessions conducted by coaching institutes. This will certainly help in making wise decisions.

3. What will be the normalized Fee Structure of IAS coaching in Bangalore which might as well be listed amongst the best ones?

Fees at some Good IAS coaching institutes in Bangalore are the next thing to be considered. There is a lot of variation in fees amongst the few top UPSC coaching institutes in Bangalore. Many coaching institutes have very low fees as they are in the process of establishing themselves.

Also, some old but top coaching institutes in Bangalore provide discounts and other special facilities in order to attract students. Get yourself acquainted with fee structure and discount offered in institutes but never forget your basic requirement i.e., Quality education.

Also, many times the institute conducts entrance tests, and scholarship is provided on the basis of your performance in the test. So, appear in those tests and try to avail those scholarships. But beware!! This alone should not be the criteria to choose the Best coaching Centre for IAS in Bangalore or some other place for that matter. You can meet the head of the coaching institute and request a discount. If you are really good in merit, then any good coaching Centre would likely be ready to provide some fee deduction.

Legacy IAS Coaching Fees in Bangalore 

 S. NO

UPSC Course 

Fee Structure# 


Prelims-Cum-Main Program(GS Prelims paper- I + GS Mains Paper- I, II, III & IV)

INR 90,000 /-


Optional subject

INR 40,000/-


LRP Prelims-Cum-Main Program (GS Prelims paper- I + GS Mains Paper- I, II, III & IV + LRP)

INR 1,00,000/-


Foundation Course (GS Prelims paper- I & II + GS Mains Paper- I, II, III & IV + Optional subject)

INR 1,20,000/-


Legacy Real’IAS’ation Program (LRP)* (GS Prelims paper- I & II + GS Mains Paper- I, II, III & IV + Optional subject + Test Series + LRP)

INR 1,25,000/-


Prelims and Mains Test series

INR 19,999/-


Prelims Test series

INR 6,999/-


Mains Test series

INR 13,000/-


LRP 2 years integrated course* (Prelims-cum-mains x1 + Foundation course x1 + LRP)

INR 1,60,000/-


LRP 3 years integrated course* (Prelims-cum-mains x2 + Foundation course x1 + LRP)

INR 1,80,000/-

4. Is that place from among the IAS institutes in Bangalore, you chose from a perfect place of learning?

Always do take a look at the classroom of that Coaching Centre. Make sure that the classes are not overcrowded. Also take a look at other arrangements such as ventilation, drinking water, etc. Always bear in mind the fact that no matter how good a teacher is, below-par infrastructure cannot engage a student to sit in a class for longer hours.

Thus, the best IAS Coaching in Bangalore should consist of both exemplary teachers and top-notch facilities. Also, see to it that the Centre has other good infrastructure subsuming good sanitation facilities as it plays a vital role in health: A sound mind can exist only in a sound body, as a pre-eminent adage says.

5. Does the best coaching for IAS in Bangalore provide study Material and free access to the library?

Study material is being provided in almost every coaching institute that exists physically in Bangalore. Even as you search for the Best IAS Coaching in Bangalore, take a few minutes to read and sift through the sample copies of the study material that is provided by the institute. The good study material has proper alignment with standard text size and carefully articulated content with refinement on every single topic. Such material will make your understanding lucid by integrating the present content with the static aspects of any subject.

A good library with no additional cost will any day be an add-on. You can always borrow a book from the library for reference purposes to read some specific topic instead of building a library, which will in all likelihood spread the cognitive resources too wide and too thin.

 6. How much time will it take to reach any Best UPSC coaching in Bangalore?

If you are preparing for a competitive examination, it is true that your every minute counts. But, considering only this factor in decision making will be unwise too.

The time you save with a decision based on just the distance will ultimately lead to losing out on quality education. The return on investment of time and mental efforts in a good coaching institute will be much greater. So, distance should not matter much. If the UPSC Coaching Centre with aforesaid facilities is nearby, consider yourself fortunate. Otherwise too, consider yourself fortunate for the sole fact that you are getting better returns on your time and effort investment. For the latter set of people, a suggestion would be to stay back at the Institute library and study till the day’s end.

7.  Do the timing and days of the classes by the shortlisted Best IAS Academy in Bangalore suit you?

Some students opt for the classes that are held on weekends and some students opt for the classes that are on weekdays. So, you must consult, before joining the coaching institute, whether they will provide you the flexible options about the days you want to opt. You must be given an option to switch between the Weekend and Weekday batches, and vice versa, based on your need, simply because your schedule and commitments might compel you.

If you are a working professional whose work-timings do not facilitate attending classes on a daily basis due to long work hours or varying shifts, you will be acquiesced to attend the classes only on weekends. However, if you have the option of attending classes during the weekdays, then you must definitely consider joining the weekday batch to append consistency in your preparation.

8.  Does any best coaching for UPSC in Bangalore provide Class materials and Current Affairs which are updated or distributed the same old copies?

As there is a continuous change in the pattern of the syllabus each year, it should be noted that any Best IAS Coaching Centre in Bangalore tries to update its study material, practice questions, Higher order thinking skills, and the general guidelines according to the changes that are apparent. Subjects like Economics require updates invariably, hence, the institute must be putting efforts into amending the notes befittingly.

There should be a dedicated team in any best UPSC coaching in Bangalore to prepare the Current Affairs notes indigenously from various sources such as The Hindu, PIB, Indian Express, etc., based on the dynamics of the exam. It would be more fruitful if the current affairs notes are prepared in such a manner that it includes backgrounders and way-forward for topics so that you apperceive how to infuse them in your answer-writing practice.

9. Does any so-called Best IAS Coaching Centre in Bangalore analyze the performance of the students regularly or not?

This is a very important point to be checked before choosing a coaching institute. Every student has a different pace of learning and understanding. So, one must make sure whether these aspects are factored in while analyzing the performance of the students. Based on such reflection, the institute has to cater to the needs of every student by provisioning proper attention.

The frequency of testing should be weekly, which will act as a constant loop of feedback to the students and keep them on their toes in preparation.

Consequently, the problem areas are to be looked into and necessary doubt clearance sessions are to be extended in a time-bound manner. You must regularly assess your preparation level by taking tests that are provided by any of the Best IAS institutes and keep track of your strengths and weaknesses in order to stay commensurate with the prevalent competition. Legacy IAS Academy is one of the Best Coaching for IAS in Bangalore.

10.  So, can we say that an institute providing personal counseling to its students is the Best IAS Coaching in Karnataka?

Students can face a lot of problems, not all of those problems are going to be academic. Sometimes, it’s about feeling low and mounting pressure from various spheres of life/preparation, and at other times it is the anxiety of the approaching exams. To help you handle these pressures, proper counseling with mentors and experts would become quintessential.

A good coaching provider will always keep its doors open for such students who wish to get some support. In addition, the best IAS coaching institutes should ideally provide you with counseling regarding the exam before you join itself, in order to help you ascertain that you are making the right decision for yourself. If any institute does not care as much about your choice in undertaking the preparation, as it cares about you registering for a course, rest assured, the institute is not going to support you in your preparation as much as it should.

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