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Rakhigarhi, Haryana

Rakhigarhi Excavations site Legacy IAS Academy Best IAS Academy in Bangalore
Rakhigarhi, Haryana
  • Pre-Harappan Civilisation settlement, and later a part of the ancient civilisation itself, between 2600-1900 BCE.
  • What are found?: Remnants of a planned township with mud-brick houses and proper drainage system, along with terracotta jewellery, conch shells, vase and seals, things the Harappans were known for.

Hastinapur, Uttar Pradesh

Hastinapur Gujrat Legacy IAS Academy Best IAS Academy in Bangalore
  • We know Hastinapur as the ancient capital city of Pandavas and Kauravas from the epic Mahabharata.
  • Excavations at Hastinapur reportedly began in 1950-52
  • What are found?:  Arrows, spearheads, shafts, tongs, hooks, axes and knives, amounting to about 135 iron objects.
  • Shri Digamber Jain Bada Mandir is one of the oldest temples at the site, among others like Jambudweep Jain temple, Shwetambar Jain temple, Prachin Digambar Jain Temple and Astapad Jain Temple.

Sivasagar, Assam

rang ghar sivasagar Assam Legacy IAS academy Best IAS Academy in Bangalore
  • This place used to be the capital of the Ahom kingdom from 1699-1788, and was formerly called Rangpur.
  • The province was later conquered by the British.
  • Guwahati Circle Archaeological Survey of India mentions excavations conducted at the Karenghar (Talatalghar) complex, the citadel of Ahom power.
  • What are found?: Structural remains of pathways, long walls, terracotta pipes for drains, vase, and vessels, to name a few. The other important historical site is Rang Ghar, an amphitheatre for the Ahom kings, known to have been used for enjoying sports.

Dholavira, Gujarat

dholavira gujrat Legacy IAS Academy Best IAS Academy in Bangalore
  • Ruins of the Harappan civilisation
  • Deemed the fifth largest Harappan site
  • What are found?: Artefacts excavated range from terracotta items and seals to urns and copper ornaments. About 10 large stone inscriptions have also been found at the site, written in Indus Valley script
  • Most importantly, it has one of the world’s earliest water conservation systems–a rainwater harvesting system–ever excavated

Adichanallur, Tamil Nadu

Adichanallur Urn Burial Legacy IAS Academy Best IAS Academy in Bangalore
  • This is an archaeological urn-burial site in the Thoothukudi district
  • The objects yielded by these burial sites are finely made pottery of various kinds in great number; many iron implements and weapons; vessels and personal ornaments in bronze; a few gold ornaments; a few stone beads; bones; and some household stone implements used for grinding curry or sandalwood, besides the excavated urns which reportedly contained “complete skeletons”.
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