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Why in news?

China has proposed the creation of what it calls a ‘BRICS innovation base’ to take forward 5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI) cooperation among the five countries.


  • China’s Minister of Industry and Information Technology urged fellow nations, including India, to boost cooperation in areas including 5G and AI.
  • Chinese media said that China was actively considering the establishment of a BRICS innovation base in China, in order to strengthen practical cooperation with the BRICS.
  • The move could pose an awkward question for India, which is the only country in the grouping that is leaning towards excluding Chinese participation in the roll-out of its national 5G network.
  • Russia has said it would work with China on 5G, and added that they were open to working with Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei, which has been largely banned by the United States.

India’s Concerns

  • India is unlikely to allow Chinese participation in 5G, particularly in the wake of recent moves to tighten investment from China and to ban 59 Chinese apps, citing national security concerns.
  • Indian intelligence assessments have also expressed concerns on the possible direct or indirect links of several Chinese companies, including Huawei, with the Chinese military.

South Africa, Brazil

  • In South Africa, Huawei is providing services to three of its telecom operators in the roll-out of their 5G networks.
  • Brazil has allowed participation in trials but is yet to take a final call.

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-Source: The Hindu

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