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Current Affairs 20 July 2022


  1. The outrage over the new ‘National Emblem’
  2. RBI Seeks Ban on cryptocurrency
  3. Minimum Support Price
  4. Fast Radio Bursts (FRB)

 The Outrage Over the New ‘National Emblem’


Prime Minister recently gave the nation a first glimpse of the national emblem atop the new Parliament House coming up as part of the Central Vista Project.

  • The first look at the new 6.5 metre bronze emblem disappointed many with its alleged inaccuracies in depiction.


GS II- Polity and Governance

Dimensions of the Article:

  1. History behind the national emblem
  2. Why did the Constituent Assembly embrace the Sarnath pillar as the national emblem?
  3. What is the controversy behind the latest replica?

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RBI Seeks Ban on Cryptocurrency


The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has recommended a ban on cryptocurrencies citing ‘destabilising effects’ for the country’s monetary and fiscal health.

  • China has declared all cryptocurrency transactions illegal, effectively imposing a complete ban, whereas El Salvador has permitted Bitcoin as legal tender.


GS III- Indian Economy

Dimensions of the Article:

  1. What is the state of cryptocurrency right now?
  2. What are the RBIs Concerns?
  3. What are cryptocurrencies?
  4. How are they different from actual currency?
  5. How do cryptocurrencies derive their value?

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Minimum Support Price


The Centre has finally constituted a committee headed by former Union Agriculture Secretary Sanjay Agrawal here to look into the issues of Minimum Support Price (MSP), as promised to protestant farmers after the repeal of three farm laws.


GS-III: Agriculture (Agriculture Pricing), GS-II: Social Justice (Welfare Schemes)

Dimensions of the Article:

  1. What is Minimum Support Price (MSP)?
  2. Why is there a need for MSP?
  3. What are the issues related to MSP?

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Fast Radio Bursts (FRB)


A strange radio signal (called Fast Radio Bursts) has been detected in a galaxy several billion light-years from Earth, a recent study claimed.


GS III- Science and Technology

Dimensions of the Article:

  1. What is an FRB?
  2. Why are they significant?

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