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Current Affairs 24 March 2022



  1. India sets $400 billion export record
  2. Abel Prize awarded to American Mathematician
  3. What is NASA’s Artemis I Mission?
  4. What is Article 355 of Indian Constitution?

India sets $400 billion export record

India’s annual goods exports crossed the $400-billion mark for the first time ever.

The achievement of $400 billion in merchandise exports represents a growth of over 21 per cent from $330 billion achieved in FY2019 prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

How did India achieve this?

  • The milestone was achieved due to increase in shipments of merchandise, including engineering products, apparel and garments, gems and jewellery and petroleum products.
  • The agriculture sector too had recorded its highest-ever export during 2021-22 with the help of export of rice, marine products, wheat, spices and sugar.

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Abel Prize awarded to American Mathematician

The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters has awarded the Abel prize for the year 2022 to American Mathematician Dennis Parnell Sullivan for his contributions to topology.

Abel Prize

  • Awarded annually by the King of Norway to one or more outstanding mathematicians.
  • Named after Norwegian mathematician Niels Henrik Abel (1802–1829) and directly modeled after the Nobel Prizes.
  • Its establishment was proposed by the Norwegian mathematician Sophus Lie.
  • The laureates are selected by the Abel Committee, the members of which are appointed by the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.
  • R. Srinivasa Varadhan, an Indian-American citizen won the Abel Prize in the year 2007 for his valuable contribution in “probability theory and in particular for creating a unified theory of large deviation”.

Source – The Hindu

What is NASA’s Artemis I Mission?

On March 17, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) rolled out its Artemis I moon mission to the launchpad for testing at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, United States.

What is the Artemis I Mission?

  • Touted as the next generation of lunar exploration
  • Artemis is the goddess of the moon.
  • Artemis I is the first of NASA’s deep space exploration systems.
  • It is an uncrewed space mission where the spacecraft will launch on SLS — the most powerful rocket in the world.
  • The Orion spacecraft is going to remain in space without docking to a space station, longer than any ship for astronauts has ever done before.
  • The SLS rocket has been designed for space missions beyond the low-earth orbit and can carry crew or cargo to the moon and beyond.

Key objectives of the mission

  • With the Artemis Mission, NASA aims to land humans on the moon by 2024, and it also plans to land the first woman and first person of colour on the moon.
  • With this mission, NASA aims to contribute to scientific discovery and economic benefits and inspire a new generation of explorers.
  • NASA will establish an Artemis Base Camp on the surface and a gateway in the lunar orbit to aid exploration by robots and astronauts.
  • The gateway is a critical component of NASA’s sustainable lunar operations and will serve as a multi-purpose outpost orbiting the moon.
  • Space Agencies of Canada, Europe and Japan are also involved.

Source – The Hindu

What is Article 355 of Indian Constitution?

Considering the law and order situation in West Bengal, some politicians demanded the invoking of Article 355 to ensure the State is governed as per the provisions of the Constitution.

What is Article 355?

It states that-

“It shall be the duty of the Union to protect every State against external aggression and internal disturbance and to ensure that the Government of every State is carried on in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution.”

Cases for its invocation

  • This article thus comes handy when there are communal violence incidents. Over the period, this article has gained a different texture.
  • We know that the “public order” and “police” are state subject and states have exclusive power to legislate on these matters.
  • These subjects were entrusted to states because states would be in better position to handle any law and order problem.
  • Management of Police by states was also seen as administratively convenient and efficient.
  • However, there might be some circumstances where states are unable to maintain public order and protect people.
  • In such situation, centre can invoke article 355 and take measures such as taking law and order of state under its own hand, deployment of military etc.

Source – The Hindu

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